How does Bruno feel about his sister?

How does Bruno feel about his sister? She causes trouble for him . What kind of person do you imagine Bruno's father to be? He has an important job and he is used to telling people what to do.

What is Bruno's relationship like with his sister?

Analysis: Chapters 3–4. Chapters 3 and 4 introduce the relationship between Bruno and Gretel, which ranges between typical sibling rivalry and occasional displays of solidarity. Back in Berlin, Bruno and Gretel were habitual enemies . They each had three best friends who assisted them in tormenting one another.

What way does Bruno view his sister?

Bruno's sister, Gretel, was three years older and always in charge . Although Bruno frequently dismissed Gretel as a “Hopeless Case,” in moments of self-honesty, he would admit he felt a bit scared of her. Gretel had mean friends who made fun of him for his small stature.

What does Bruno calls his sister?

Who is Gretel and why do you think Bruno refers to her as Hopeless Case ? She is Bruno's sister, and he refers to her as hopeless case because she gets into alot of trouble.

How does Bruno treat Maria?

Bruno valued Maria's opinion because he felt she was part of the family (p. 58). He needed her help to make the family move back to Berlin and if she was not happy there, she would be another person against the new house. She was considered by him as a true member of the family.

Does Bruno like Gretel?

Gretel didn't like Bruno . Gretel fancies herself far more mature and worldly than Bruno, despite her doll collection which would seem to symbolize her naivety. Although she and Bruno were not very friendly against each other, she cried everyday and missed him after his death.

How do Gretel and Bruno treat their Father differently?

How do Bruno and Gretel treat their father differently? Gretel thinks more highly of her dad . Bruno treats him like he doesn't care about his life but still loves him. Activity We learn about characters by hearing how they act and what they say.

Why is Gretel mean to Bruno?

Gretel had mean friends who made fun of him for his small stature . She also had a large collection of dolls that Bruno imagined could spy on him. Bruno burst into Gretel's room uninvited while she was unpacking and asked if she had brought her dolls.

What Bruno said about his sister?

It seems he is more irritated throughout the story about his older sister's pompous nature and the sense of superiority she takes from being a part of the youth movement . Her condescending attitude grates at him and drives him farther away from those activities as he becomes closer to the boy in the striped pajamas.

What nickname does Bruno call Gretel?

Bruno calls Gretel "a Hopeless Case "; she annoys him and has been trouble from day one. The Fury (or Hitler) employs Bruno's father.

How does Bruno describe his sister Gretel?

Gretel is Bruno's twelve-year-old sister, whom Bruno refers to as a “Hopeless Case .” She feels that she is much wiser and more mature than Bruno, and often taunts him.

What does Bruno think of Maria?

After Maria told him the story of how Father had helped her in times of crisis, Bruno realized that Maria had an existence outside her work for his family . In other words, he suddenly understood that she was a person. Unlike Father, Bruno could see that individuals who were different from him were still people.

How was Bruno's relationship with Maria?

Bruno has a kind of friendship with Shmuel, but it doesn't really become close until the tragic ending. As for Maria, she treats Bruno with kindness and respect , which stands in stark contrast to the way that Bruno is treated by his parents, who tend to be more cold and detached.

What is Gretel's attitude toward Maria?

Gretel treats Maria the way she has seen Father treat her —like a servant who is subordinate in the household, rather than a friend and fellow human being. One point the novel often makes is that young children do not naturally feel prejudice or hatred—they have to be taught these attitudes.

What happens to Maria in the boy in the striped pajamas?

Maria is Bruno's family's maid who was taken in by Bruno's father in a surprising act of mercy. Her mother used to work for Bruno's grandmother, and when she didn't have any food or a job, she was hired to work for the family .